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Brand Name:DALIPU
Unit Price:USD500
Model Number:16
Payment Terms:T/T
Place Of Origin:TIANJIN
Post In:  2017/12/12
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Dalipu Oil Country Tubular Goods Co., Ltd [China]
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Detailed Description

Product Name
crude oil drilling equipment well screen hdpe slots pipe
carbon steel, stainless steel
Pipe categories
oil casing, tubing
Length (single)
15 m or less
Pipe diameter
50 to 500 mm (length of 15 m or less)
Wall thickness
20 mm or less
Seam width
(0.10 ~ 4) mm + / – 0.03 mm
Stitch count
Slot layout
parallel, crisscross, spiral
Character: Oil filter screen pipe/slotted oil sieve tubes are used for oil exploring.The rigid construction and high quality of materials make possible a product that lasts longer and requires less maintenance. We also can offer galvanized ones to prolong the operational life.
Slotted pipe is in various ways on the petroleum casing or tubing cutting out more than a certain specifications of the longitudinal or helical inline and staggered slot. After the use of special ultra-thin cutting plate and beam cutting and become, the slit width (0.2 0.5 mm). Seam cross section is rectangular, trapezoidal (trapezoid Angle of 3-8 degrees) and form (hole) and so on many kinds of form, can guarantee the permeability is 0.5% – 10%, the arrangement of aperture can according to user requirements for processing.
(1)Slotted pipe is suitable for the sand sand sand control well diameter greater than 0.3 mm.
(2)Cutting edge verticality, trimming smooth, without burr, slotted evenly.
(3)Large flow area, 27/8 "screen 300 slot / 1.5 m, 2.4 times larger than pipe flow area of the same specification.
(4)The overall anticorrosive processing, improved the sieve tube corrosion resistance and wear resistance, can prolong
its life underground.
(5)Slotted tube adopts J55 and N80 oil casing processing, high strength, is not easy to deformation.
(6)The size is big, easy to pipe string configuration.
Slotting Options: (1) Keystone slots:The groove is worn inside the tube wider and is self-cleaning to help prevent clogging. 6 ° including the side slot is the standard slot; slot width available width: greater than 0.012 "
(2) Straight Slots: This is the first type of groove to make. It has a straight edge of equal width over the entire wall of the housing. This type of groove is easier to block by the sandAPI 5CT sand control slotted tube, the screen than the trapezoidal groove.
Slot Patterns Available:(1)Straight vertical grooved tube: Radially cut into the center slot, which allows the incoming fluid to flow directly to the center, eliminating the possibility of any eddy currents in the tube(2) The staggered vertical slotted pipe is radially cut to the center, causing the incoming fluid to flow directly to the center, eliminating may be in the tube of any rotation action.(3) Multiple vertical staggered grooved ducts increase the inlet opening from one to four parallel vertical slots.


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