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Detailed Description

We are one of largest professional and reliable manufacturers of geophysical survey and geophysical prospecting, such as geophysical prospector, resistivity meter, VLF system, electrical prospecting, high density prospecting instrument, groundwater detector, mineral prospector, ore detector, gold detector,water locator,resistivity imaging survey, electromagnetic system equipment, electrical resistance, resistivity IP and SP system, resistivity, TEM survey, TEM prospector, EM system, magnetometer, radioactive detector, seismograph, gravity meter, logging system,proton magnetometer, drill equipment, drill rig, well drilling equipment, core drilling equipment, hydraulic drill equipment, and element analyzer.

ADUK-2A resistivity imaging survey system simple introduction:

Making using of the relative parameters with apparent resistivity method and IP survey, with DC power supply to earth, the instrument will judge the geological abnormity after data receiving and processing. It has 2 kinds of configurations: 60 channels or 120 channels. It includes 3 working modes and 16 methods: wenner profile, schlumberger sounding, schlumberger profile, dipole profile, differential profile, wenner-schlumberger sounding, wenner-schlumberger profile and combined profile etc. The measuring depth and density can be adjusted in freedom; the depth is about 5m~200m.

Main application:
1. Metal ore, non-metal ore and underground water general survey.
2. City prospecting, engineering exploration like railway &bridge, resistivity imaging survey of archeological mining and geological structural mapping etc.
3. Hidden faults in dikes detect, such as high resolution prospecting of ants-nest &rat hole of river levees, weak intercalation and fracture.
4. Geological exploration in hydrology, engineering, environment and high resolution resistivity method engineering.
5. Detect of coal goaf, civil air defense works and cavities in karst area. Also geological disaster of factory foundation, highway, bridge, railway and landslide etc.

Effect explanation:
It is always well in finding out ore’s layering, depth and thickness in various ore’s prospecting. It also performs well in underground water seeking, roadbed survey, goaf detect and archeological mining exploration.

Main specifications:
Measured voltage range: -6000mV~+6000mV
Measured voltage resolution: 0.01mV
Measured voltage accuracy: ±1%
Notch filter to 50HZ is superior to 80dB
Measured current range: 0.01mA~5000mA (2 shifts)
Measured current resolution: 0.01mA
Measured current accuracy: 1%
Electrode number: 60 channel or 120 channel, spacing and pole pitch ratio can be set.
Maximum current supply: 2.5A
Input impendence: 20 MΩ, 100 MΩ (2 shifts)
Max. voltage supply: 500 VDC
Memory capacity: 1MB
Isolation performance: 500MΩ
Operating temperature: -10℃~+50 ℃
Operating humidity: 95%
Power source: 8 1# batteries (meter can protect over-voltage and over-current)
Power consumption: 250mA (standby)
Weight and dimensions:7.5Kg, 324*200*245mm (120-channel);
7Kg, 305*200*202mm (60-channel)
Display: large screen LCD 160*128 pixel


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IP survey system

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